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Water-Based Stainless Steel
Fume Filter

Sale Points:

  1. Made in Taiwan.

  2. Entire enclosure is made of stainless steel grade 304.

  3. Very elegant and simple design.

  4. Very low breakdowns.

  5. Very easy to replace water. It can use ordinary tap water.

  6. It is on wheels, and very easy to move around.

  7. In additions to water, it can install carbon filters to further eliminate fume and odor.

Suitable For:

  1. Restaurants, café, or kiosk.

  2. Mobile carts, weekend markets, or street food vans.

  3. Coffee roasting, or other industrial applications.

  4. Laser cutting or engraving machines.

EASY and CHEAP Maintenance:

  1. Simply replace the water inside daily or weekly depending on amount of fume generated.

  2. Wash interior of machine every half or one year, depending on amount of fume generated.

Very Low

Commonly used in

street food booths!

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